Faurecia Servings

Faurecia Servings is an online community cookbook for recipes from Faurecians across Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. Submit a recipe or explore other Faurecian’s favorite dishes below.


This platform constitutes an open forum for employees to share favorite recipes. We ask that you do not post anything in violation of applicable copyright, family or trade secret. Faurecia has not independently tested any recipes set provided and does not warrant the tastiness, quality, ease to make or outcome of any of these recipes. Faurecia may not be held liable for any illness arising from handling ingredients, preparation or consumption of the recipes herein or otherwise with respect to the use of content on this site. We advise you to cook at your own risk and observe all safety instructions and best practices associated with kitchen appliances and gadgets, especially if there is alcohol involved. Although Faurecia is French, we cannot guarantee the results will be as amazing as the recipe represents.